EU Treaty Rights Simplified

EU Treaty Rights are rights for the citizens of the European Union. Treaty rights are also granted to members of the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as Ireland. Frequently, people asked questions about EU Treaty Rights to us to get clear knowledge of that. Our Immigration Lawyer Cork is always ready to answer their all FAQ. 

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The Common questions with Answers about EU Treaty Rights What application form should I use?

It is the most common and the very first question that comes from people’s minds. Well, there is 5 application form. They are EU 1, EU 2, EU 3, EU 4, EU 5, etc.

How long does it take for my decision to be made?

The high volume of the application form, it may take up to 6 or 7 months for a decision to be made. These legal issues take time to be processed. They inform you of the decision a letter will be issued by the section.

When can I get my passport or other documents back?

According to the new rules, you are advised to submit only the photocopies of all the documents. And obviously, you are not going to get back the photocopies. Because they need your all documents to complete their work. you give them only photocopies & you have real copies so you don’t need that.

Can You Prioritise My Case?

Unfortunately, no. Applications are processed as they are received. You cannot prioritize any of the applications.  Because in this it it is very important.

Can I Stay When My Application is Being Processed?

You might, though INIS says that it is subject to the time of consideration including your passport’s validity. If you don’t have enough documents with you to support your application, you might not be allowed to stay. Because it is illegal & it is harmful.

To request an update, you can simply email the section quoting your Application ID number and your INIS Person ID.they will inform you all information those you need.

These are the most common frequently asked questions and answers about EU Treaty Rights. Hope this content is helpful for you to get a clear conception about EU Treaty Rights. If you need other question and information about the EU Treaty Rights you can contact our lawyers they will help you and give you all the information what you need. Our Immigration Lawyer Cork is always there for you.